Interview of Joyce TITA MALOZEH, Chief of Service for Payroll Management and Employee Engagements

 Publié le 08/02/2019 à 20:02

Par Commercial Bank of Cameroon


Q :’"Youth", you're young, tell us about yourself

A : My name is Miss JOYCE MALOZEH TITA, I am 29 years old, I am The Chief of Service for Payroll Management and Employee Engagements in the Directory for Human Resources. And it's been 4 years since i started working at Commercial Bank.


Q : What has been your academic and professional background?

A : From childhood, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a bank manager.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Master's degree in Human Resource Management and I’m currently pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst Designation.

As a professional, I did several academic and professional internships in banks like SCB and BICEC.

In 2011 I did an academic internship at the Commercial Bank, then in 2015 my services were employed by CBC through a Human Resource placement organisation (CIBLE RH Emploi). In January 2017 I started my career at the Commercial Bank as an employee. In september of thesame year, I was given a managerial position which later secured my confirmation as Chief of Service in January 2019.


Q : What were the main difficulties and/or challenges encountered?

A : The language: I am of English speaking descent, finding myself in an environment where everyone spoke French was really challenging but thanks to the support of my colleagues I gradually got integrated and learnt to master the language.

- The climate: Having spent the better part of my life in the SouthWest Region, I had a hard time adapting to the cultural atmosphere of the city and the climate

Q : What motivated you to continue?

A : : Being the eldest of a family of 4 children (maternal) and coming from a polygamous home (paternal-with several siblings), I had to be an example for my junior siblings and catch up to my older siblings. My personal aspirations of being a great lady and a future icon for tomorrow’s youths professionally speaking, motivated me to work hard towards achieving my dreams.


Q : Great opportunity and participation in the construction of a peaceful, stable and emerging Cameroon'': at what level do you feel challenged by this theme?

A : This theme perfectly suits the situation that our country is going through right now and for my part we must remain united, patriotic and each one at his level must redouble his passion to work together to build our country. Nation-building can only be done in an atmosphere of peace and harmony


Q : What advice do you give to young people?

A : You have to be humble and hardworking, but above all, you have to be able to dare and persevere, forging on in the midst of challenges and difficulties as there is no gain without sweat. I advice the youths to surmount the barriers of language and social affiliations and do the work that is required for them to be successful.

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